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18 AWG 8 Conductor Type TC-ER Cut to Order

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Cut to Order – 40 ft minimum

Instrumentation & Power Tray Cable
Shielded PVC/Nylon Insulation with Overall PVC Jacket
18 AWG • 600 Volts • 90°C Dry/Wet


Sold by the foot (min. 40ft.)

  • Packaged on reel when bought at 200ft or more


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18 AWG 10 Conductor Type TC-ER shielded multi-conductor cables have a PVC/Nylon insulation, aluminum shield and drain wire with an overall gas and oil resistant PVC jacket.



Appropriate for use where shielding from electro-static interference is required in power, control and lighting circuits in a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for use in Class 1 or 2, Division 2 hazardous locations and for installation in trays, wireways, troughs, channels, ducts and conduit. Expressly approved for direct burial, wet or dry locations and outdoors in cable trays where sunlight resistant rating is required.


Conductors:Soft Drawn Annealed Bare Copper per ASTM B-3 and B-8. Concentric 7 strand.
Insulation: PVC Thickness: Per UL 83 table 10 for THHN/THWN, UL 66 table 4.7 for TFN.
Conductor Jacket: Nylon Thickness: Per UL 83 table 13 for THHN/THWN, UL 66 paragraph 9.1 for TFN.
Cabling: Conductors are assembled with fillers in the core as needed.
Overall Shield: Aluminum mylar tape providing 100% coverage with a flexible stranded tinned copper drain wire.
Overall Jacket: A black, flame resistant, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) jacket is extruded over the assembly. The surface profile shall approximate that of the interior assembly. A rip cord shall be inserted under the jacket for ease of stripping.
Color Code: ICEA Method 1, Table E-2 Standard. ICEA Method 1 Tables E-1, E-3 & Method 4.


UL Listed as TC-ER per UL Standard 1277*
Rated -40°C to 90°C
OSHA Acceptable
NEC Articles 392 & 336
IEEE 1202 70,000 BTU Flame Test
ASTM - All Applicable Standards
*UL 1277 requires a ground or three conductors to be rated ER

Conductor No Base Color Tracer Color
1 Black -
2 Red -
3 Blue -
4 Orange -
5 Yellow -
6 Brown -
7 Red Black
8 Blue Black
9 Orange Black
10 Yellow Black


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