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Red Lion Layer 3 switches & routers

Sixnet & N-Tron Layer 3 Switches and Routers

Layer 3 Switches & Routers

Red Lion’s managed Layer 3 switches & routers offer rugged rack mounted, DIN rail mounted and IP67 solutions for every Industrial networking need.

Un-Managed Series

Sixnet & N-Tron Un-Managed Series

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Red Lion’s unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer simple plug-and-play functionality with reliable performance. Available in an endless range of port options, our rugged switches are set to tackle the demands of industrial data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications.

Monitored Series

Sixnet & N-Tron Monitored – Ring Series

Monitored – Ring Ethernet Switches

Red Lion also offers a wide selection of industrial Ethernet switches with monitoring capabilities. Providing the simplicity of an unmanaged switch with advanced remote diagnostic capabilities, our monitored switches perform in harsh environments and offer ease of deployment.ons.

Managed Series

Sixnet & N-Tron Managed Series

Managed Ethernet Switches

Red Lion’s managed industrial Ethernet switches provide the ability to configure port settings, manage traffic and remotely monitor the network for critical issues. With rugged packaging, our managed switches are designed to operate flawlessly in harsh environments and offer best-in-class performance.

Rack Mount Series

Sixnet & N-Tron Rack Mount Series

Rack Mounted Ethernet Switches

Red Lion’s Managed and Unmanaged rack mount series  industrial Ethernet switches are designed for extreme applications requiring high port counts. Our rack mount managed switches are available with copper and fiber connectivity options, and feature Gigabit port speeds. These switches offer rugged metal packaging to ensure reliability in even the most extreme environments.