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FlexEdge I/O Modules


The modular design of the DA70A allows for up to three communications sleds to be added as requirements change or new communication standards emerge. Rugged, field-installable PID control and I/O modules ensure a solution that adapts to meet almost any industrial application need.


Description Part Number
Eight (8) Digital Inputs, Eight (8) SSR Outputs DAM00I0DI0000000
Eight (8) Digital Inputs, Eight (8) Relay Outputs DAM00I0DI0R00000
Six (6) Universal Inputs DAM00I0UIN610000
Eight (8) Analog Outputs DAM00I00UT8I0000
Eight (8) Relay Outputs DAM00I08R0000000
I/O Mix Module with 2UI DAM00I0IN2DA0000
I/O Mix Module with 4UI DAM00I0IN4DA0000
Single PID, Relay and Analog Outputs DAM00PDP1RA00000
Single PID, SSR and Analog Outputs DAM00PDP1SA00000
Dual PID, Relay Outputs DAM00PDP2R000000
Dual PID, SSR Outputs DAM00PDP2S000000
Dual PID, SSR and Heater Current Monitor DAM00PDP2SM00000


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