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Red Lion HMI Operator Panels

Mar 6, 2017 | HMI Panels, Product Selection Guide

Red Lion Controls

Full product line available for shipment after November 15, 2023 !

Rugged Hi Resolution Touchscreen with protocol conversion and more…

Rugged Graphite® HMIs

Rugged Graphite® HMIs

Rugged Graphite® HMI Platform

Red Lion’s Graphite® operator panels are the industry’s first rugged HMI touchscreens to combine I/O modules with protocol conversion, data logging, web-based monitoring and IEC 61131 control capabilities. Optional expansion racks extend capabilities to enable organizations to connect, monitor and control more industrial processes.

Red Lion CR Series HMI

CR1000/3000 HMIs

CR1000 & CR3000 HMI Panels

The breadth of screen sizes and options available with CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs enables you to reduce risk from human error by delivering a consistent user experience across platforms.  With 16M colors and widescreen options available, train new operators faster and with greater comprehension by offering full-color visual guides to shorten downtime during changeovers or for troubleshooting common issues.